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Divorce mediation can work well for many

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Divorce

Some New Jersey divorces are very complicated and may include a lot of assets to divide, child custody concerns, spousal support determinations and other issues that can cause contention. On the other hand, there are situations where both parties are mostly in agreement and just want to get the divorce done quickly with minimal drama. This is the type of situation where mediation can work out best for both parties.

Mediation vs. arbitration

Mediation can be an easier way to resolve divorce disputes. It tends to work out when both parties are able to discuss matters in a civil manner without becoming angry or combative. The mediator acts as a go-between to help the divorcees work out legal matters, and attorneys for both parties are there to help their clients understand the process and to give advice during the negotiations. Unlike arbitration, in mediation the divorcing parties are encouraged to come to an agreement without the requirement of a court ruling.

During mediation, both parties can voice their concerns so the mediator understands the complexities of the situation. The mediator can encourage agreements on asset division, custody arrangements, and other divorce concerns. For many couples, having that neutral third party, along with the legal advice of their respective attorneys, helps them see the other side, which can go a long way in facilitating agreements that suit both sides.

Legal help is essential

No matter which method one chooses to get through a divorce, through mediation or arbitration, having sound legal counsel is essential. An experienced New Jersey family law attorney can provide advice on the best way to settle contentious matters like child custody, asset division and spousal support. Going through a divorce is an emotional time so it’s important to have someone with knowledge and experience to provide guidance and help the process go more smoothly.