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Helping children understand divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Divorce

There are many reasons for parents in New Jersey to choose to go through with a divorce. No matter the reason, the effect on the children can be devastating. When parents of children of any age decide to divorce, it’s important that they take time to prepare the children for the inevitable changes. Younger children especially need to be reassured and comforted in a time when life may seem uncertain. Both parents can be involved in helping children understand the divorce in an age-appropriate way. 

Keep it positive  

Children should never be put into a role where they feel like a go-between or a mediator in their parents’ divorce. Both parties should maintain a positive outlook and refrain from speaking poorly of the other parent. Children often blame themselves and wonder if they may have done something to cause their parents to break up. It’s essential to discuss those feelings and reassure children that the divorce is not their fault in any way.  

Parents should try to keep the information minimal as children don’t need to hear the details of the situation. Being truthful is important but it’s also essential for parents not to overshare since children can have a difficult time understanding such a complex situation. Children should not be asked to send messages back and forth between the parents and they shouldn’t be expected to listen to friends or family members speak poorly about the situation.  

An important legal matter 

When a couple decides to divorce, the emotions of this life-changing event can take over. But ultimately, it’s important to remember that divorce is a legal matter. Parents in New Jersey who are going through a divorce should prioritize their children and help them deal with the changes. But both parties should also seek legal advice from an experienced New Jersey family law attorney to prepare for the process ahead.