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Consider couples counseling before filing for divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Divorce

When a New Jersey couple considers divorce, they may first want to try to work things out before proceeding. Divorce can be expensive, and the emotional impact is often traumatic. Some marriages are simply not savable for many reasons, but for others, it can be worth it to try couples counseling. Going to counseling allows the couple to get input from a neutral third party, which may help them see the issues of the marriage in a new light. 

Benefits of couples counseling 

Going to counseling as a couple provides the opportunity to consider individual issues as well as to talk through marriage problems. Counseling is a good option when a couple has not been able to work things out on their own. It can provide a safe space to talk about life changes that may have led to marital issues or general concerns that come up over time.  

Couples counseling can be beneficial when a couple wants to stay together but simply can’t communicate without arguing. A counselor may be able to help both parties learn how to better communicate and how to deal with inevitable issues that will come up in the future. Counseling however is not for everyone and those in abusive or violent situations should focus on getting themselves to safety.  

When counseling doesn’t work 

Couples counseling can save some marriages, but when one knows that a marriage is over, it’s best to seek legal help to understand the next steps. A New Jersey family law attorney can help one prepare for divorce by answering questions and providing information on divorce laws in the state. Dealing with child support, child custody, asset division, and other divorce matters is much easier when one has an experienced attorney on their side.