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How to know when to file for divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Divorce

Many people in New Jersey consider divorce when a marriage feels hopeless. But some people struggle with knowing when it’s finally time to file for divorce. Some marriages are salvageable through therapy and other methods. But even when one knows that a marriage is over, following through with the initial filing process can be difficult for many reasons.  

Reasons for hesitation 

Some people hesitate to file for divorce because they may feel like a failure, or they may worry about how friends and family will perceive the situation. But some marriages simply don’t work out. People may grow apart or become incompatible over time. Divorce isn’t as stigmatized as it was decades ago and there are many outlets for divorcees to turn to when they are struggling with making the right decisions.  

One may fear the financial repercussions of divorce and sometimes may feel trapped in a marriage because of their financial situation. Working out the finances is a big part of divorce negotiations. Fortunately, there are steps to take to protect oneself and to work toward achieving an equitable divorce.  

Prepare for what’s ahead 

Going through a divorce can be hard in many ways. In most circumstances, there are financial changes and many lifestyle changes that newly divorced people must deal with. It’s helpful to know the divorce laws in one’s state and to understand the basics of how the process works. Legal consultation with an experienced family law attorney can provide New Jersey residents with information on the steps that need to be taken to proceed forward.