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Trends show many more are choosing to divorce later in life

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2022 | Divorce

While the divorce rate has declined in some younger demographics, the rate of divorce for those ages 50 and older, known as gray divorce, has increased significantly in New Jersey and other states. There are several reasons for this change. With a higher life expectancy, people are more likely to make changes to their lives as they age. Plus, the stigma around divorce isn’t as prevalent as it was decades ago which means many people no longer worry about being looked down upon for divorcing. 

Other considerations when thinking about gray divorce 

Many couples choose to stay together for their children, especially when children are young and still living at home. Once the kids are grown and moved out on their own, some couples simply realize they no longer have much in common. Older couples may also have the financial stability that allows them to seriously consider divorce while younger married couples may not have had the chance to build up their assets, making them reliant on a two-income household. 

Divorce for older couples may be emotionally draining, especially when the couple has been married for decades. It may seem like a difficult choice to make, but there are plenty of resources for support, both legally and emotionally. Before filing, those considering a gray divorce can benefit from knowing what to expect when it comes to asset division, spousal support, and other legal matters. 

Make gray divorce easier  

One way to decrease the stress associated with gray divorce is to seek advice from a knowledgeable family law attorney. New Jersey residents can ask questions about the divorce laws in the state to better understand and prepare themselves for the process. An attorney can also provide advice on how best to move forward so one can be prepared for their new life.