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Communication is important during divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2022 | Divorce

Communicating effectively is a skill that’s important in many aspects of life. When married couples in New Jersey don’t communicate well, disagreements can often lead to the breakup of the marriage. But even when a couple doesn’t communicate well while married, they can benefit from learning to better communicate during divorce proceedings.  

Learning how to communicate effectively 

Divorce brings up many emotions and the stress of divorce can cause many to lash out at the other party. When a divorcing couple can’t talk face to face without arguing, using text, voicemail, or email can be a good option. These forms of communication allow one to express themselves succinctly and it provides an opportunity to carefully consider what is said. These forms of communication also work well post-divorce, especially for parents who need to keep up with their children’s schedules and activities. 

Verbal communication should be neutral and non-combative. Keep it simple, brief and only include the necessary information. When one is feeling angry or especially emotional, it’s a good choice to step away from the situation when possible. Consider the other person and try to be civil. In contentious situations, it may be necessary to allow the attorneys to communicate the wishes and concerns of the couple to prevent making the situation worse. 

Navigating a divorce 

Going through a divorce is a life-changing experience, no matter the circumstances. There are times when both parties must communicate with each other, whether it’s in person, through another outlet, or through their attorneys. New Jersey residents who are considering divorce can consult an experienced family law attorney to have all their divorce-related questions answered.