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Dealing with holiday custody arrangements

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Child Custody

The holidays can be difficult after divorce, especially the first time one goes through the holiday season after a marriage breakup. But when children are involved, circumstances can be even more emotional for everyone. Kids can learn to adapt to the changes they will inevitably deal with after their parents’ divorce. It’s important for New Jersey parents to help their kids through the transition by providing consistency while allowing for some changes to holiday traditions. 

Helping kids with new holiday plans 

Custody schedules usually have parents splitting time between holidays. This may include switching kids from one parent’s home to the other on specific days or alternating holidays each year. It’s important for parents to work out the holiday custody schedule during divorce proceedings and to stick to the agreements to prevent hard feelings or legal issues. 

Kids thrive on a consistent schedule, and they often have preferred holiday traditions that they enjoy each year. Parents should encourage children to continue with those traditions. But it can also be fun for each parent to create new holiday traditions to help children enjoy the holiday season. Those who are spending time away from their kids during the holidays can often benefit from traveling or doing something out of the ordinary. 

Consider the legal side 

Divorce brings many changes, and with those changes often come difficult emotions. But in the end, divorce is a legal matter and working out the custody arrangements and other divorce matters should be taken seriously. New Jersey residents can learn everything they need to know to prepare themselves for divorce by consulting with an experienced family law attorney.