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The challenges of a contested divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2022 | Divorce

A divorce brings changes to living situations, financial circumstances and general family life. When New Jersey residents decide to proceed with a divorce, they should try to prepare themselves for these inevitable changes. When there is tension between the two parties, and they can’t agree on divorce terms, it’s called a contested divorce. Contested divorces are not uncommon, but they can be stressful and very time-consuming. 

Prepare ahead for a contested divorce  

A contested divorce usually involves both parties presenting evidence to a judge. This evidence may include financial documents, photographs, or witness statements. Contested divorces can be emotionally taxing and the process usually takes much longer than an uncontested divorce. It can be helpful to try to work through most divorce matters outside of court, but in some cases that simply isn’t an option.  

In a contentious situation, a divorcing couple may need the court’s help in deciding issues like custody arrangements, spousal support, child support, and asset division. The court will look at evidence from both sides to decide on each issue. Those going through a contested divorce should be prepared for the emotional and financial implications of a lengthier and more expensive divorce when compared to non-contested divorces.  

Help with the legal battle 

Working through divorce matters can create tension, even when couples are on good terms, so one should always have an attorney on their side to help with negotiations. Contested divorces can be very stressful and the strain of airing one’s personal grievances with the court can leave one feeling emotionally drained. New Jersey residents going through a divorce can seek help from a family law attorney to prepare themselves for the legal battle ahead.