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Nesting can benefit children after divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Child Custody

When parents with minor children divorce in New Jersey, they have many decisions to make related to living arrangements and custody agreements. Negotiating parenting plans can lead to hurt feelings and animosity between the divorcing parties. But ultimately, finding a stable and secure living arrangement for the children will benefit them while they are adjusting to their new lifestyle. Some parents choose an unconventional approach called nesting to help their kids during this time of transition.  

How nesting works 

Nesting is a unique living arrangement that is becoming more popular with separated and divorced parents. The parents maintain a family home where the children always live. Each parent takes turns living in the main home while the other parent lives elsewhere. The time each parent spends in the home varies based on the agreed-upon custody arrangement. 

The benefit of nesting is that it provides children with a stable living environment while they are learning new routines post-divorce. This way of living is most often temporary until each parent decides on a permanent living arrangement. It can be beneficial for former spouses who get along well but is not ideal in situations where the breakup was contentious.  

Custody arrangements should benefit the children 

It’s understandable that both parents may want to spend as much time as possible with their children after divorce. But in many cases, kids benefit from having equal time with both parents. New Jersey parents may be able to agree on custody arrangements through mediation or they may require court intervention. A family law attorney can provide insight on how to create a custody arrangement that helps the children thrive after their parents’ divorce.