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Understanding the pros and cons of divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Mediation

The end goal for those going through a divorce in New Jersey is a peaceful and comprehensive settlement of matters like child custody, asset division and spousal support. There are several ways to go about reaching a marital settlement agreement. While some couples can’t communicate effectively, sometimes leading to their inability to agree to divorce terms without court intervention, other couples may use mediation as a less stressful option. Mediation allows a divorcing couple to decide on the terms of their divorce, within the laws of the state, using a mediator instead of a judge. 

The pros and cons of mediation  

During mediation, the divorcing couple sits with a neutral party, called the mediator, to discuss divorce matters that must be resolved. The mediator can provide the couple with information on the divorce process of their state along with what options they have. Using a mediator to work through divorce issues can save much time and money when compared to going through a lengthy court process. 

A mediator, however, does not make recommendations or give advice to either party. It’s advisable that both parties have their own attorney present during mediation to ensure that their client’s best interests are being considered. Mediation does not work for every couple and it’s not ideal when a relationship ended badly, and the divorcing parties cannot communicate without arguing. 

Choosing mediation 

Some divorcing couples opt for mediation to make the divorce process easier. But all New Jersey residents going through a divorce should seek legal counsel from a family law attorney, no matter the method of deciding the terms of the divorce. An attorney provides invaluable advice that will help one make the right decisions based on the situation.