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Reasons why many couples divorce after 8 years of marriage

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Divorce

No two marriages are the same and New Jersey couples may decide to divorce for many reasons. Financial issues, infidelity and simply wanting different things out of life can lead to a couple deciding to divorce. While many divorce circumstances are different, understanding more about the reasons behind divorce, and the reasons that many couples divorce after 8 years, may help couples make the decision on whether it’s worth it to work on the marriage or seek to end the relationship. 

Many couples divorce after 8 years of marriage 

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the average first marriage lasts a little over eight years. Research has shown that after around six to 10 years of stability, adults tend to want change. This occurs in marriages and other parts of life. Many people start to experience a feeling of restlessness around year seven of a marriage. For some couples, there is no recovery from this. Understandably, divorce follows. 

Not all divorces happen simply because one or both parties want a change in life circumstances. There are many reasons why a couple considers divorce. Some divorces happen because the couple is having financial issues and they can’t come to terms with how best to allocate their money. Other issues like infidelity or abuse can also lead to divorce. 

Legal help is key 

No matter the reason behind the divorce, seeking legal advice from an experienced family law attorney should be the first step in the process. New Jersey residents may feel conflicted about ending their marriage and may feel stressed about the inevitable life changes that will occur. Legal advice can help one prepare for the process and understand how to cope with the issues at hand.