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Domestic violence victims face many concerns during divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2023 | Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence in New Jersey often struggle with getting out of an abusive situation. When one is married to an abuser, getting divorced can seem nearly impossible. Victims often worry about retaliation, which can be especially troubling if children are involved. Domestic violence victims who are ready to file for divorce can benefit from knowing how to safely get away from their abuser and how to get the divorce process started.  

Getting away safely 

Domestic violence can be physical, financial, or emotional. Some victims don’t realize how bad things really are until they are able to get away. Victims of domestic violence often want to divorce, but getting through the process can be difficult when one is living in fear. Victims may wish to go to court to get a protective order against the abuser. This can provide the victim time to get their affairs in order.  

The most important thing when dealing with domestic violence is to find a way to get away from the abuser safely. Once one is away, one can begin the divorce process. Even mentioning divorce to an abuser can lead to retaliation to a spouse or to the children, so it’s important to find a safe space first. This may mean one has to spend time at a shelter or with friends or family.  

Seek legal help 

Once a victim of domestic violence has found safety away from their abuser, it’s time to seek legal help. An experienced New Jersey family law attorney can provide guidance on how best to proceed forward with the process. Divorcing an abusive spouse can be emotionally traumatic, but once the divorce is finalized, one can start to move forward with a new life.