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Preparing for divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2023 | Divorce

When a New Jersey couple decides to divorce, they have the option to go through mediation rather than deal with a lengthy court battle. While mediation doesn’t work for everyone, it can be a good option for those who have an amicable split. Mediation can take less time and cost less money than going through court. Once the terms are agreed upon, the divorce is still finalized through the court system. Those who are interested in pursuing mediation can benefit from knowing how it works and what they will need to be prepared for the process.  

Preparing for mediation 

Divorce mediation provides couples a chance to negotiate terms like spousal support, child custody, and asset division. When preparing for mediation, one needs to have all the necessary paperwork and documents that could be relevant to the divorce. This includes financial statements, valuation of assets like vehicles and real estate, investment account information, and copies of any pre-marital or marital agreements. Debts and loans will also be considered during mediation. 

For mediation to work, both parties must be able to compromise. The goal of mediation is to come to reasonable agreements on all important divorce matters. The mediator acts as a neutral party to help facilitate discussions but does not advise either party. Most people choose to have their attorney present during mediation to provide legal advice during negotiations.  

Where to turn for advice 

Once someone decides to divorce, they should seek advice from an attorney to understand their rights and responsibilities. Whether mediating or litigating, divorce involves many life-changing decisions. New Jersey residents can feel comfortable that they are making the best decisions for themselves with an experienced attorney by their side.