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Some couples choose to continue cohabitating after divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2024 | Divorce

Each divorce is different and when a New Jersey couple divorces amicably, they may choose to do some things unconventionally. While some couples have one or both parties move out of the family home immediately, in some cases, a couple may continue living together after divorce. This has some benefits, especially if a couple has young children, and could be a good short-term solution for former spouses who can still get along. 

Living together after divorce 

One of the main benefits of cohabitating after divorce is the financial incentive. Maintaining a similar financial situation after a divorce can help both parties save money for when they eventually decide to live separately. This situation can also work out when the former couple can’t decide what to do with the family home. Continuing to live together until long-term plans are made can provide time for both parties to make arrangements that are suitable for their individual needs. 

Couples with young children may wish to continue living together after a divorce to provide more stability for the children. When continuing to live together, both parties must explain the change in the living situation to their children in age-appropriate terms to prevent confusion. It’s also helpful to set some ground rules so both parties are on the same page.  

Legal advice can help when making divorce decisions 

No matter the terms agreed to, divorce is not an easy process. New Jersey residents who are considering a divorce can learn more about the process and about what to expect by consulting a family law attorney. An attorney can answer questions and guide to help one make the right decisions based on their circumstances.