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Legal Guidance Through Custody And Parenting Time Negotiations

When children become involved in divorce proceedings, consulting with a knowledgeable attorney is critical. The courts of New Jersey ultimately place the child’s “best interest” in the highest regard. In these types of cases, having experienced counsel to help you with all of your options is necessary to resolve disputes.

You can rely on the Law Office of Lisa E. Halpern, to listen to your case, provide legal guidance on how to proceed, and do what’s needed to procure a positive outcome. Our goal is to offer you the resolution you deserve in your divorce in a swift and efficient manner.

Representation You Can Trust

At the Law Office of Lisa E. Halpern, we understand that many marital relationships need help moving on through the emotional stage and understanding the needs of the children. Ms. Halpern can help solve issues of residential custody, legal custody and problems that can occur after divorce.

Residential custody may require the children to live with one parent and visit the other parent at specific times or days, or the children may be split on a near-equal schedule where the children would go back and forth between the two households. Problems that occur after divorce are anything unforeseen that could modify the custody orders set forth and/or parental time spent with the children.

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Our law firm services include all aspects of family law, including custody, parenting time rights, and support from spouses. We also have many years of experience in litigating domestic violence cases and protecting third-party parenting time rights. To learn more about our services or schedule a consultation, call us at 732-860-7677 or fill out our online contact form.