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Caring Representation In Divorce And Custody Cases

At the Law Office of Lisa E. Halpern, we understand that working through all of the phases of divorce can be confusing. There are a lot of different emotions that run through all parties during this sensitive time. One of the most important decisions that you can make is choosing the correct attorney; someone who understands not only your financial needs but your emotional needs as well.

Guidance Through All Aspects Of Divorce

Our law office ensures that your combined assets and property are properly disputed. The staff at the Law Office of Lisa E. Halpern are here for you, providing guidance and counsel during this especially difficult time in your life. When filing for divorce, you want to have motivated negotiators and skilled litigators in your corner helping you to resolve all issues of the divorce in a timely and appropriate manner. If negotiations can’t be reached, our litigators have a proven track record of defending our client’s rights and coming to a successful resolution.

Negotiating Alimony Agreements For Payors And Payees

When we have discussions with clients about alimony, their first two questions are how much and how long. The amount of alimony is based primarily on the actual need of the spouse seeking alimony and the ability of the other spouse to pay. This requires an analysis of your finances and the finances of your spouse. The financial analysis also influences the length and type of alimony. Pedente lite alimony is a temporary payment intended to help the recipient cover basic expenses while the divorce is in process. The length of other types of alimony are dependent on factors such as the length of your marriage or civil union, your age, your spouse’s age and the physical and mental health of you and your spouse also have an impact on the court’s decision to grant alimony.

Ensuring The Equitable Distribution Of Assets

In New Jersey law, the equitable distribution of assets in a divorce does not automatically mean a 50-50 split, it means a “fair” split. While most assets acquired by either spouse during the marriage are considered marital property that qualifies for distribution, there are exceptions including things such as inheritances and gifts from third parties. Most property acquired before the marriage is also excluded from the assets. The court has some discretion to determine what assets to include and how to distribute them. Having a skilled divorce attorney on your side can help ensure that the distribution of assets is fair and equitable to you.

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