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Modifying Your Divorce Agreement

Sometimes changes into your life such as moving or the loss of a job can make it difficult or impossible to follow the terms of your divorce. If you are not able to follow the court orders surrounding your divorce, you may face being held in contempt and its consequences. To avoid the consequences of failing to meet the obligations of a divorce agreement, you need the help of a skilled family law attorney. At the Law Office of Lisa E. Halpern, we help clients modify divorce agreements including support payments and custody and visitation arrangements.  Our decades of experience can help you avoid those consequences.

When Is It Time To Modify An Agreement?

There are many different life changes that can call for a divorce modification. Instead of struggling to keep up with an outdated agreement, let us help you update things. Life changes that typically require a revision to custody and support agreements include:

  • A substantial change in income
  • You or your ex-spouse getting remarried
  • Needing to relocate for medical or professional needs
  • Becoming responsible for other child support payments

Sometimes, doing your best may still not meet the obligations of an old divorce agreement. We can help you make your voice heard and get an agreement that suits your unique needs.

Do Not Give Up On Your Divorce Needs

While it may have been hard to finalize your divorce, that does not mean you should not pursue a modification if you need one. We can act on your behalf to help you modify your divorce with as little stress or complications as possible. If you are ready to schedule your initial consultation today, call 732-860-7677 or fill out our online contact form.